The 10 best diet tips for your perfect body

You already joined the local gym and began to exercise. You read all the books and articles about getting fit and getting into perfect shape. Great!

Are you overwhelmed by all that information already? Because I know I was. There are so many tips and tricks and ideas everywhere you look. People advocate all sorts of crazy hard-core methods. No need to agonise over this. Just follow those easy and sensible tips and enjoy the change in your life and your body!

  1. Never skip breakfast!

It is the most important meal of the day. It boosts your metabolism and offers the necessary energy to go through the day.

  1. Incorporate cooking in your lifestyle.

That way you order less take out and you control the quality of your food and the amount of fat it contains.

  1. Identify the right portion for you.

Make sure that each time you consume the right amount of food. Not too little, not too much. Find the right balance and stick to it.

  1. Drink lots of water.

Make sure you drink a lot of water as it keeps your body moisture and controls hunger. Add lemon, ginger or cucumber for flavor.

  1. Consume less meat.

This benefits your figure and your health. And the environment.

  1. Consume more fish.

Fish is rich in healthy fatty acids and helps your metabolism as well as your brain. It is very nutritious and healthy food without dangerous lipids.

  1. Eat more vegetables.

Well, you know that already. Daily consumption of 5 portions of fruit and veg is compulsory. Start now!

  1. Increase intake of fibres.

Today there is lots of options containing natural fibres. Incorporate them in your daily routine and replace anything containing white flour.

  1. Increase intake of fatty acids.

They are found in fish but also in nuts and linseed or flax-seed.

  1. Reduce sugar intake.

This can be straight forward by reducing the amount of sugar you put in your coffee and the amount of cake you eat, but there is also a lot of hidden sugar in various products. Check the labels before you buy and make sure there is no more sugar than you think in your diet.


And remember, this is for life. No need to be too strict. Love yourself, love your body. Find the right balance for you and smile!!

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