How To Choose Your Perfect Pair of Aviator Glasses

Gigi Hadid wearing optical aviator glasses

When buying any sunglasses or optical glasses there are certain things you should keep in mind. This is especially true when deciding what pair of aviator glasses are best for you. To help you pick out the perfect pair, we’ve drawn up a list of everything you should consider while shopping around.

Price Point

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a pair of aviator glasses is your budget. Are these a pair of glasses you are going to invest in to wear for years, or are they seasonal choice? Do you have several pair of glasses or are your new frames going to be your go-to choice? If you work out what your budget is first, then it will be even easier to shop for your aviator glasses. We recommend checking out Blikvision’s range of budget-friendly aviator glasses to start your search for the perfect glasses for you.

Your Face Shape

Aviator glasses work for practically every face shape and are ideal to wear if you have a heart-shaped or oval-shaped face as it lenses are heavier than the frames which draws attention to the lower half of your face and away from your forehead. Aviator glasses are also extremely flattering on rounded faces as they start wider at the frames and become tapered at the bottom. When searching for the perfect pair of glasses, you typically want to look for a pair that are the opposite of your face shape to create a contrast and natural slim your face.

Your Complexion, Skin Tone and Hair Colour

Certain colours complement some complexion and skin tones better than others. Choosing the wrong colour can lead to your skin looking dull or paler. If your skin has warm undertones then gold aviator glasses are ideal for your skin tone, and if you have cooler undertones then you should opt for silver frames.

One aspect that isn’t often considered is finding glasses which work with your hair colour. If you have red hair then you will want to find a pair of aviator glasses that have the same warm tones as your hair. Keep on the lookout for gold, copper and cream aviator glasses. For those with black hair, then metallic frames are a great choice for you. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can choose a pair of aviators in a statement colour like red or blue to contrast with your hair colour. If your hair is particularly dark then it’s recommended that you should stay away from paler coloured aviator glasses that can look washed out in comparison to the darkness of your hair.


When choosing the colour of your aviator glasses, it’s important to keep versatility in mind. While a colourful pair of aviators might be great to wear for a vacation or at the weekend, are they suitable for your workplace or a more formal occasion? To get the ultimate versatility out of your aviator glasses, stick to classic colours like black and tortoiseshell that will compliment any outfit or occasion.