Hello! My name is Sharon.

I am the writer and creator of Mclainactive.com.

I started this blog because of my love for fashion, style, beauty and healthy living. I wanted to share my passions with the world and what better way to do that than start a blog?

The aim of Mclainactive.com is to offer information all in one place. Here you will find articles about fashion trends, makeup, accessories, lifestyle and healthy living. My goal is to bring together all those wonderful ideas that make our lives better. And more beautiful!

I strive not only to inform you but also to inspire you and take you with me in a journey of self-improvement. I hope you will find this blog useful and inspiring.

I want to inform you but also to motivate you. I would love for my blog to become your daily habit, the little daily incentive to lead a better, more stylish life!

I hope I will be able to share many beautiful experiences with you, and I would like to invite you to contribute your thoughts and ideas. Please use my contact page to send me your message.

I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Sharon xx

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